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Product description

  • Humidity content of the boards – 6-9%.
  • Most common dimensions: thicknesses 15,20,28mm; widths 65-210mm; lengths 500-3000mm (for boards made of broad-leaved trees)              and 2000-5000mm (for boards made of coniferous trees).
  • The boards made of broad-leaved trees have a tongue and a groove on all four sides, and wider boards with a width from 140mm have bevelled edges.
  • There are milled grooves on the bottom sides of the floor boards, to compensate for the tensions in the wood.
  • Varieties: Natural (a few permitted single complete branches up to 20mm in diameter, without sapwood and cracks, slight colour variations permitted), Rustic (branches of different size and number permitted, a low number of larger and smaller cracks, sapwood, single branch holes up to 15mm in diameter, which do not pierce the material, colour variations).
  • The description of the product range is not a rule, it should be considered rather as an overview of the wood structure that helps you determine the best wooden floor solution.
  • All of the boards with any holes or cracks in them have been filled and sanded.
  • All of the products have been wrapped with plastic wrap.